IT Departments Stretched Thin: Try Managed Services

POSTED ON January 19, 2022

Is your company’s IT department stretched to its limits? Has your company recently expanded and outgrown the capabilities of your in-house IT staff? Are you worried that your employees do not have access to the digital resources they need to perform at their best?

If this sounds familiar, then it may be time to partner with a managed service provider. Outsourcing your IT management to an experienced MSP can offer tremendous benefits.

Why You Need an MSP

There are a multitude of benefits to working with an MSP, especially if your existing IT staff are already spread too thin. These advantages include:

Reduced Costs

Unfortunately, hiring and maintaining a staff of in-house IT professionals is incredibly expensive. On the other hand, attempting to regulate your various digital resources with an understaffed IT department can translate to high operating costs and low efficiency.

A managed service provider can help you overcome both challenges. 

By partnering with an MSP, you can reap the benefits of a subscription-based service model while also reducing overall IT costs. This strategy gives you the freedom to pay for precisely the services you need without carrying the burden of keeping a large in-house IT team on the payroll.

Enhanced Productivity

Managed service providers are not only the most cost-effective solution, but they can also help your organization become more productive. 

They will ensure that your core systems are fully operational so that your staff can focus on their individual responsibilities. An MSP will make frequent network outages and prolonged downtimes a thing of the past.

Access to the Latest Tech

Managed service providers work with dozens of clients across various industries. This diverse experience makes MSPs uniquely suited for overseeing the deployment of new technologies.

When your organization is due to upgrade its outdated legacy systems, an MSP can ensure a seamless transition. They will also help you identify which technologies are the best fit for your specific industry. By leveraging the latest tech, an MSP can give you an advantage over your top competitors.

Improved Data Security

Data security should be a top priority for every organization, regardless of the industry that they operate within. However, an overworked or understaffed IT team may be forced to put cybersecurity on the backburner. This approach is a huge mistake that can spell disaster for your company.

Cyber attacks are increasing in both frequency and sophistication. According to Forbes, there have been over 1,100 data breaches in 2021 alone. To make matters worse, cybercriminals are extracting more usable data than ever before.

In addition to the other benefits of partnering with an MSP, they can also help you eliminate network vulnerabilities. A managed service provider will deploy dynamic cybersecurity protocols that are meant to identify, prevent, and respond to potential breaches in order to protect your data.

A Shift of Your Focus Back to Your Business

How many hours do you spend dealing with IT issues in a given week? Think how much more productive you could be if you and your IT staff could focus on the day-to-day operations. Sounds like an exciting proposition, doesn’t it?

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