Ditch the Old Approach to Cybersecurity- Adopt a Zero Trust Model

POSTED ON November 12, 2020

As workplaces become more modern, devices become more sophisticated, and cyber-attacks become more common, we have to make our information more secure.

The classic approach to cybersecurity was to build an impenetrable wall around your network and only allow access to your information from within it. Though that was once effective, now that work is being done from a multitude of locations and on a variety of devices, the wall off and fortify method isn’t going to be effective. This is why here at Agilitec, we have adopted the Zero Trust Approach to security.

What is the Zero Trust Approach to security?
Essentially, Zero Trust evolved out of the belief that organizations should not automatically trust any attempt to access data and verify anything and everything that tries to connect to its systems before allowing them to. For example, no matter what device is being used or where it is located, if an employee tries to sign into their email, Zero Trust dictates we must verify that that employee is who they say they are.

How does a Zero Trust Approach work?
You might be thinking, “Well, this sounds great, but how can you really verify every user and every device?”

Utilizing advanced technologies for endpoint management, policy-based user access, and multifactor authentication, we can catalog all the users and devices on your network, set up policies for who should be able to access what from where, confirm their identity before access with MFA, or deny them access based on a failed MFA or a lack of permissions.

Effectively transitioning into a Zero Trust Approach doesn’t happen overnight, and it does require ongoing management and support. Still, we feel that extra work is worth it when it’s your business’s data and reputation on the line. Agilitec has been working to fortify our client’s security with this approach, and we would be happy to share the lessons we have learned along the way. If you are interested in continuing this conversation, you can book a meeting with us here.

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