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Cloud to Cloud Backup
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Take advantage of the benefits of the cloud without losing control of your data

You can now opt for a SaaS provider like G Suite (Google Apps) or Office 365, and eliminate these platforms’ drawbacks. Agilitec IT's Cloud to Cloud Backup provides SaaS protection that is:



Automatic backups ensure you can restore your cloud data no matter what happens to it: from malicious attacks to careless employees.



With Cloud to Cloud backup, you maintain ownership of your business data – not the provider or the users who created it. You back it up and can take it anywhere.



Everything is backed up, all the time. Anything can be restored, no matter who did what or when.



Save your money by implementing a solution that enables you to stop paying for licenses you no longer need. Cloud to Cloud Backup gives you control of your user accounts.



Cloud to Cloud Backup ensures your critical information can be recovered easily after user errors, malicious activity, or provider outages

At Agilitec IT, we help our clients take advantage of the latest, state-of-the-art technology in a way that is both secure and minimizes risk to the customer.  Our Cloud to Cloud Backup is a great option for small and mid-sized businesses that are looking to move to the cloud while still protecting and controlling their critical information.  For more information about our cloud services, including Cloud to Cloud Backup, call us today at (702) 720-1700.


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