Partnering with an MSP can Encourage Growth [Dragonfly Energy’s Story]

POSTED ON February 22, 2021

Whether you are a large established business or a bustling start-up, managed IT services can help your business optimize its processes, secure your information, and allow you to focus your efforts on what matters most- growing your business.

Here, at Agilitec, we work with a variety of businesses that all have unique IT needs. Our main priority is to find solutions that best fit each individual client and are agile enough to support them well into the future. Our solutions are created to:

  1. Minimize IT complexity and include consulting and training to keep everyone up to date.
  2. Increase ROI and reduce costs.
  3. Create a cohesive system, agile enough to grow with you.
  4. Reduce your stress levels and give you peace of mind.
  5. Elevate your security.

Dragonfly Energy’s Experience   

Hear directly from COO & Co-Founder Sean Nichols, why he values Dragonfly’s relationship with Agilitec:


Our client, Dragonfly Energy, originally came to us looking for help with their IT support and network management for their manufacturing facilities. As a deep cycle lithium-ion battery manufacturer spearheading conventional and solid-state lithium-ion battery research and development worldwide, Dragonfly needed help laying a strong IT framework for their growing company.

The Frustration  

As Dragonfly Energy was growing their business, they were getting bogged down and distracted by IT issues that kept popping up. Their leaders recognized it was a waste of time and energy to try and figure out these issues on their own when they could be focused on developing their green energy solutions instead.

Dragonfly needed helpdesk support and a trusted partner to help craft a better IT systems that could accommodate their rapidly growing and evolving company. For this reason, Agilitec’s agile approach to IT really spoke to them.

The Fix  

We entered into our partnership with Dragonfly Energy on the ground floor and have had the opportunity to shape their IT systems as they shaped their company. What started as simply helpdesk support grew into full-service managed IT. We help ensure they have a strong, consistent network connection, their data is efficiently stored and secured, their proprietary information is not only protected but backed up, and that preventable IT issues don’t impact their day-to-day operations.

By removing the stress of managing their own IT, we were able to allow Dragonfly Energy to devote 110% of their energy to crafting their incredible products and growing their customer base. COO & Co-Founder Sean Nichols says, “Working with Agilitec for me takes a weight off of my shoulders. I don’t want to hire an [internal] IT person, I’d rather have a team of professional experts that will help me out 24 hours a day. I trust Allan and his team with my life.”

An IT System Ready For Anything

As technology becomes more immersive, we are becoming more reliant on it. Technology truly is the foundation of a business, and your investment in your IT directly correlates to your success.

Investing in a good IT network that maximizes your company’s efficiency and leaves your clients happy is an investment that will pay for itself over and over again. IT services can save your business money, enabling you to surpass your competition and access new tools that can help you support an expanded customer base and enable an increase in your profitability.

At Agilitec, we’ve got the IT solutions and the experience necessary to keep your IT systems outfitted and optimized. What sets us apart from other MSPs is our attitude. We are committed to fostering relationships, forming connections, and being a real person on the other end of the phone and computer.

Let start our relationship; book a call with us today. 



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